How to multiply your Bitcoins

  • Total Returnx100
  • Min0.02 BTC
  • Max20 BTC

How to Start

BitWelfare offers a simple system of investments. All tasks for multiplying of your capital will fall on the shoulders of our specialists. All that is required from you is to make a deposit.

  • To start cooperation, please go to the Deposit. It does not take much time and will require you to a minimum of information. Do not forget to specify your Bitcoin wallet where we will send your profits.

  • Enter an amount of deposit and the system will generate Bitcoin address where you should send a specified amount of the deposit from your wallet.

  • Once your transaction is confirmed (it takes from 10 minutes to 1 hour to get confirmation from the network), investment will be active. This is usually enough for your payment to have about 3 - 5 confirmation of network of add the deposit. To track the status of confirmation you can through

  • The minimum amount of payment from the system that you can get is 5 BTC. All requests are automatic.